10 Iconic Throwback Celebrity Hair Looks

10 Iconic Throwback Celebrity Hair Looks
Now that throwback styles such as the perm, pink hair dye and crimping are all making their way back on trend, we’ve selected our top 10 most iconic celebrity hairstyles, from the 50s right the way through to modern day, that we are sure will make a comeback (or already have!).
Comment with your favourite look from our hair hall of fame below!
‘The Rachel’
Probably the most iconic hairstyle from any TV show in history, “The Rachel” was the most asked for hair chop of the early 90s.
Sarah Jessica Parker’s Curls
It wasn’t just her fabulous fashion sense that made Carrie Bradshaw a style icon. Her infamous mane of flowing and defined curls was perfection!
Rihanna’s Shaven Undercut
Known for her constantly evolving style, one of Rihanna’s most famous and distinctive cuts was the bold shaven undercut she rocked a few years back.
Victoria Beckham’s Lob
Victoria Beckham kick started one of the biggest hair trends of the 00s with her brave and distinctive face-framing lob.
Bridget Bardot
B.B. was the ultimate glamour girl of the 50s and 60s, but it was her signature bouffant blonde hair that led to her iconic status. Decades on, her glorious tresses are still coveted today.
Gwen Stefani’s Twisted Buns
Gwen Stefani is the epitome of 90s style in this picture with her body gems, stick on tats and cherry lips, and clearly she always went the extra mile with her hair too. Our favourite throwback Gwen hairstyle has to be these mini twists she wore to the VMA’s in 1998.
Beyonce’s Braids
Beyoncé probably has the most famous and evolving hair in the music industry. From pixie cuts to Afro’s, she’s done it all! But our ultimate favourite look is the super-human length braided hair she rocked in her Lemonade video.    
Farrah Fawcett
Farrah Fawcett created a phenomenon in the 70s with her gorgeous, feathered curls and this old-school style is set to make a huge comeback!
Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe defined Hollywood glamour in the 50s with her gorgeous blonde waves, which became her staple and most iconic look.
When it comes to hairstyling, Cher isn’t afraid to experiment. But the sleek, waist length locks she wore in the 1970s is definitely her most iconic and memorable look to date.
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