Stay Hot Rollers

Stay Hot Rollers


The Fast High-Heat Professional Flocked Stay Hot Roller Set contains 20x colour-coded, shine enhancing, heat retaining rollers. With Thermal Honey Comb structure for heat retention and ionic technology for super shiny curls, these rollers have been designed to produce longer-lasting styles with beautiful bounce, body and shine. Whether you’re seeking seriously big waves or coveting curls and texture, the Stay Hot Rollers come in a variety of sizes to suit every occasion.


product features

  • Product Features

    - 20x colour-coded rollers with flocked, smooth grip 

    - 8x larger, 6x medium, 6x small 

    - Thermal honeycomb structure for heat retention 

    - 20x pins, 6x spares and 10x butterfly clips 

    - Heat stand